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Sustainability – a License to Grow

The 2022 TIACA Sustainability Insight report indicated that 73% of responders have a sustainability strategy in place which reflects the growing importance of the topic.  With growing interest from customers, employees, lending institutions, regulators and partners as to an organizations sustainability credentials it can indeed be considered as a license to operate and indeed a license to grow.

TIACA is proud to play a significant part in supporting the industry on its journey to sustainable transformation.

We conduct an annual survey which generated the annual insight report where we reflect industry trends and key steps forward.

We published the Air Cargo Industry Sustainability Roadmap, which details industry best practices and critical actions that need to be taken in 8 key areas of sustainable development.  Overall, the Roadmap focuses on People, Planal and global Prosperity.  We also map how the Air Cargo Industry is supporting the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals, demonstrating once again how vital our industry is.

The final area of industry support for sustainable transformation is the launch of the TIACA BlueSky Program, which is a multi-tiered program which facilitates an organization being assessed as to where it is on its journey.  The assessment program commences with the first phase which is a remote desktop analysis performed by an independent assessor.  Later on, we will launch Phase 2 which will comprise of a full on-site sustainability audit and report.

More details of the BlueSky program can be found here

The program is open to TIACA members and non-members and you can find plenty of downloadable support tools on the site.

TIACA… supporting the industry’s sustainable transformation