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Digital Air Cargo Forum 2020

The 2020 Air Cargo Forum went digital: The digital event held December 1st – December 10th was made up of six webinars, People4Cargo, Sustainability4Cargo, Airports4Cargo, Cargo4Vaccines, Drones4Cargo and UnitingAirCargo and drew 1200+ participants to discuss these topics.

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Uniting Air Cargo

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Sustainability Awards Winners

We celebrate the creative solutions presented by  the 2020 Sustainability Awards participants. We would like to congratulate the winners, Pelican BioThermal and Nepal Flying Labs.

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Hall of Fame 2020

Larry Coyne was announced as the 2020 Hall of Fame Recipient.

Larry Coyne is known for a strong reputation for providing reliable and secure scheduled cargo services to some of the world’s most difficult to reach destinations, pioneering routes into the Caucases (Central Asia), as well as Afghanistan, Iraq as well as the oil-and-gas rich Sakhalin Island (Russia). Today’s services have expanded to include Africa, the Gulf and the Caspain regions.  He is a passionate advocate of security, liberalization of cargo traffic rights and the removal of obstacles to the growth of the industry.

We congratulate him for his induction into the Hall of Fame and thank him for the contributions he has made to our industry. 

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The Perfect Storm that Left Digital Air Cargo in its Wake

COVID-19 upended nearly everything, but especially air cargo. By February 2020, reduced travel saw a 50% decline in capacity. Demand increased more than ever, along with dramatic fluctuations, and productivity was challenged by working from home. Traditional rate sheets were torn up (okay, deleted) and by the time capacity and price was secured and relayed to a shipper, it was obsolete.

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What’s the Holy Grail of Air Cargo?

One of the few aviation bright spots during the COVID-19 crisis is – Air Cargo. While passenger traffic plummeted and 50% or more of the passenger fleet were parked for much of last year, most cargo freighters remained in service with even higher levels of utilization, helped by a dramatic decline in the capacity of belly cargo.

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Embracing Fit for Purpose Iinnovation

The Covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly challenged the aviation industry and significantly accelerated the need for change, especially in digitalisation and automation. dnata continually strives to raise industry standards through innovation and by embracing the latest technology.

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Hactl is Ready for the Vaccine Airlift

Given the increasing number of COVID-19 vaccines in various stages of production, the bewildering array of deals between suppliers and governments, the increasing number of production locations coming on stream and the different conditions 

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